The magic of DNA captured in a single domain name!
From CRISPR to genetic forensics, DNA is playing life-changing roles in modern society.

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Genetic testing and correcting medical conditions using gene editing tools like CRISPR make possible what would seem like magic only a few years ago. DNA methods also revolutionize the world of forensics. Now a tiny droplet of blood from decades ago can be used to create a sketch using the phenotype. This domain name that combines the popular word ‘magical’ with the well-known DNA acronym is easy to remember and spell.

Comparator Sales

Domain names ending with DNA (in .com extension) have sold at least 53 times with an average price of $1740 (NameBio data). The close comparator MagicalTech  in .com sold for $1288 while syntheticDNA sold for $1000, and betterDNA for $9000.

DNA is often used in a non-biological context, opening up further possibilities for this domain name. For example autoDNA sold for $6000, businessDNA for $5250, netDNA at $4000 and securityDNA at $800.

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We think that MagicalDNA.com is a great domain name that we are offering at a value price.  However, if you would like to browse our complete set of offerings in biotechnology and health you can do so at these links.  In particular we also currently have the digital assets CanDNA.com, CRISPR.science, MedicalCRISPR.com and TheBio.co available (among many others).

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